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alternate arrangement view
alternate arrangement view

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Resembling an artist’s long, elegant brushstrokes, our front-facing Flourish bouquet presents a grand offering of lilies, gladioli, and a simply glamorous orchid paired with twisted willow, dodda vine and other lush greenery. Its sturdy glass vase is smaller to keep all eyes on the prize.

Consists of:
5 x Stems Ivy Berry
3 x Stems Roses
3 x Stems Gladioli
3 x Stems LA Lilies
3 x Stems Molucca Balm
2 x Stems Gerberas
2 x Stems Gymea Leaf
2 x Stems Monsteria Leaf
1 x Stems Cymbidium Orchid
1 x Stems Twisted Willow
1 x Stems dodda vine

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 25cm
Height: 75cm


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