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June 2020

Our vision is to be a world renowned leader in building the capability of individuals, organisations and the community to understand, prevent and recover from the adverse mental health effects of trauma, and to be at the forefront of world’s best practice in military, veteran, national security and first responder mental health and wellbeing.


Our mission: Understanding trauma. Renewing lives


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Snowy Sky
Snowy Sky

No one should have to feel left out in the cold or misunderstood due to invisible trauma. Bring a little warmth and compassion into the lives of those rebuilding their lives by purchasing our Snowy Sky posy jar; or gift it for PTSD Awareness Day and begin the conversation. 10% of our sales made from Snowy Sky orders for the month of June will be donated to Phoenix Australia to help renew the lives of trauma-affected individuals, families and communities.

Proceeds: 10% for the Month of June of Snowy Sky sales during June

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About Phoenix Australia

Three in four Australians will experience an event that can cause psychological trauma in their lifetime, that’s nearly 19 million people living in Australia today. The problems that arise can be complex and impair physical and emotional wellbeing. Phoenix Australia’s world-leading program of research and knowledge translation has led to improved treatment options and workplace management of traumatic stress, as well as greater support for trauma-affected individuals, families and communities.