National Homeless Collective (The School Project)

May 2020

The National Homeless Collective’s ‘School Project’ was started in 2016 to support families with school children who find themselves in dangerous domestic violence situations. The NHC believe that education is a right for all children and so purchase and distribute school equipment, uniforms and other learning essentials to kids who need it most.


National Homeless Collective is a grassroots Australian charity that creates solutions to complex issues arising from homelessness, domestic violence, and social disadvantage.


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Making Magic - Mixed Brights
Making Magic - Mixed Brights

Kids are always running around making magic happen, and most of their creativity comes to life in the school classroom or playground. However, some children are living in dangerous domestic violence situations and are unable to attend school and receive the necessary education to let their creativity come to life. For the month of May we’ll be donating 10% of the sales made from our Making Magic bouquet to the National Homeless Collective’s School Project, to give kids in need brand new school equipment, uniforms and other learning essentials

Proceeds: 10% of Making Magic - Mixed Brights sales during May

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About National Homeless Collective (The School Project)

Since 2015, the National Homeless Collective has grown from a Melbourne founded charity to become a national grassroots Australian charity that responds to the needs of people living in crisis or distress. At the centre of all their work is the needs of those they are assisting, as well as the needs of Indigenous and LGBTIQ+ people.The NHC have created a series of ‘Projects’ or sub-charities to support those most at risk. These include the Period Project, School Project, Plate Up Project, Sleeping Bags for the Homeless, and Secret Women's Business. The National Homeless Collective is entirely volunteer-run and comprises of 90% women and 60% Indigenous people.