Ingrids Haven

September 2020

Ingrids Haven is a registered shelter in the Shire of Mitchell. 100% No-Kill, Ingrid takes in cats from not only the local pound but also many, many different country pounds and offers them a safe haven from death row. Ingrids Haven has been in operation for fifteen years and sees donors, sponsors, volunteers and most importantly adopters come from across Melbourne to welcome these unlucky souls into their new forever home.


Adopt – Save a Life


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Our four-legged friends really do bring sunshine to our life even on the darkest days, it’s time we really looked out for them and made sure they can live their best lives in a loving forever home. Forthe month of September we will be donated 10% of the sales made from our Sunflowers Bunch to Ingrids Haven, a 100% no-kill shelter in the Shire of Mitchell

Proceeds: 10% of Sunflowers sales during September

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About Ingrids Haven

Ingrids Haven started after becoming aware of what happens to impounded animals when their eight days are up. Perfectly healthy, socialised animals killed for no good reason at all by pounds not putting in any effort to find homes for these unlucky souls.The Haven started small with only twenty cats from the pound, before Ingrid moved to a property, built enclosures and the number of cats grew. After a feature on Channel 9’s Talk to the Animals, the community awareness grew and for fifteen years people have come from across Melbourne to sponsor, donate, and most importantly, adopt.Still 100% No-Kill, Ingrids Haven now takes in cats from not only the local pound in the Shire of Mitchell, but also many, many from different country pounds. It is us as humans who have created this problem with abandoned cats, but it is the cats that pay with their lives if we just sit back and let the same behaviour continue. We will not let this happen for as long as we can do this work.