June 2019

Foodbank Victoria is a charity that fights the hunger problem by sourcing food for people in need. We do that by providing free meals, food and grocery relief to those who are struggling with hunger and are not able to afford basic necessities such as meals.


Their mission is to solve the hunger problem in the world and minimise food wastage.


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Let’s Run Away Together
Let’s Run Away Together

10% from every sale of Run Away Together will go towards Foodbank Victoria to help fund their mission to eliminate hunger and minimise food wastage.

Proceeds: 10% of Let’s Run Away Together sales during June

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About Foodbank

Our work makes a positive difference in the lives of Australians. Recipients of food and grocery relief have reported that they feel less hungry, are able to focus and concentrate more, and are less stressed and more hopeful.

While fighting hunger is our mission, we also play a vitally important role in tackling Australia’s $20 billion food waste problem and in turn helping the environment. Our food and grocery rescue operations last year saved 81 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.

For every kilogram of food distributed by Foodbank, the social return on investment has been valued at $23. This means the impact of Foodbank’s work in the community is worth almost $1 billion annually.