CERES Brunswick Community Farm

July 2020

Established in 1982, CERES aims to educate the community of current local and global environmental issues, and to encourage better practices for the movement of economic, social and environmental sustainability.


CERESvision is for people to fall in love with the Earth again.



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The Earth is our garden of wonder and right now, she needs our help to feel her best – there is still time for us to step up and take responsibility for our own garden. By purchasing our Gardenside bouquet, you’ll be helping us donate to CERES and in turn, helping them to educate the community of best environmental and sustainable practices.

Proceeds: 10% of Gardenside sales during July

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About CERES Brunswick Community Farm

Since CERES was established in 1982, the efforts of many groups, staff and volunteers have transformed the site. Once a desolate wasteland, today CERES is a place of nature and beauty, inhabited by a vibrant and diverse community. It is a place where almost 500,000 people come each year to share ideas about living well together, and directly participate in meeting their social and material needs in a sustainable way.We reach many more people through our education outreach programs, and grocery delivery service.